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How long does it take before one starts seeing results?
How long does it take before one starts seeing results?
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After about 15 to 20 hours on the program you may notice improvement in some non-academic areas. It may be that the learner is able to organize their work better, is more attentive in class, or is able to express themselves more easily. At first you may not be sure whether this is the result of Edublox or not.

 After about 30 to 40 hours on the program you should see some significant improvements in the learner’s academics. The learner might remember more of what was said in class, spend less time to complete homework, study less but maintain the same marks for tests and exams, or attain higher (sometimes much higher) marks for tests and exams. At this point one usually starts seeing an improvement in self-esteem.

 It must be noted, however, that improvement is seldom gradual. When improvement becomes noticeable, it is usually sudden. After this initial — and usually clearly visible — intellectual jump, it frequently happens that the learner finds himself on a plateau again, followed by another leap forward. This pattern can repeat itself many times.

 The above scenario could be described as a “staircase effect”. However, one may occasionally also see a “snowball effect”, meaning that the initial progress is slow but as the learner continues, his progress accelerates.

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