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How does Unlocking New Worlds and Sub-Worlds Work?
How does Unlocking New Worlds and Sub-Worlds Work?

Details on how to progress through the sub-worlds and worlds of Edublox Online Tutor.

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Once the learner finishes the *last exercise of a sub-world (e.g. St Cookes River Falls), the session finishes, and moves to the next sub-world.
โ€‹*The last exercise will be number 3 when doing Development Tutor, and number 5 when doing Reading Tutor.

Every time the learner reaches a sub-world, a new colour or element on the map is unlocked. This is the case for all sub-worlds. Once the learner has unlocked all the all the colours and elements on all 4 sub-worlds of the current world (120 sessions), the program will unlock the next world.

Example of the progression of St Cookes River Falls, a sub-world of Treasure Island:

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