1. Screen/Browser Size

To use Edublox Online Tutor without any visual imperfections, we recommend a minimum browser window size of 1024 pixels (width) and 650 pixels (height).

Most computer and laptop screens will be sufficient to use the program.

To check whether your device's screen size is supported, make sure your browser is full screen and click on the button below to open a browser test in a new tab:

In the example below, the first number displayed in your browser width, and the second number is your browser height. If it meets the minimum requirement specified above, you are good to go.

2. Screen Orientation

Screen orientation refers the the ratio of the height and width of the device or browser window. 

To display Online Tutor correctly, your device or browser window needs to be in landscape mode, meaning the width of the browser should be more than the height of the browser.

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