Joining a Demo Lesson

How to join a free demo lesson after your free consultation

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Step 1: Entering the demo lesson room

Click on the link that you have received in the confirmation email, then click on “Enter demo room”.

Step 2: Entering the student's name

Type the student's name into the empty field and click on “Next”.

Step 3: Testing computer set-up and equipment

A series of tests will be performed before you enter the classroom to ensure an optimal experience for the student. If all the tests were passed, you can click on "Next". If any tests failed, click on “Redo Tests” to resolve the issue.

Note: If your browser asks for permission to use your microphone and camera during the second and third test, please click "Allow" on each pop-up that appears on the top left of the browser window. Example below:

Step 4: Testing communication equipment

Before entering the classroom, you need to select which camera, microphone or speakers / headphones to use. These settings should be correct by default the majority of the time. Follow the steps from one to four to complete the setup.

  1. If you can see yourself in the camera, check the box numbered 1. If not, change the camera setting on the top left.

  2. Talk into your microphone. If the checkbox becomes clickable, the check has passed. Click the checkbox numbered 2 to continue. If not, change the microphone setting in the top middle.

  3. Click the "Test Sound" button (see 3). If you hear a bell sound, click the checkbox numbered 4.

Once all three checks have been passed, the student will enter a waiting room until the teacher admits him or her into the classroom. Once the “Enter Class” button turns bright green, click on it to enter the classroom.

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