Note: If you are in the process of adding a new learner, skip to step two of this guide.

Step 1:

A. If you still need to add a learner, follow the steps to add a new learner here

B. If you have already added a learner:

  1. Click on "Learners" in the title bar or on the home page. [1]

  2. Click on "Resume Adding". [2]

Step 2:

  1. Choose between Live Tutor and Home Programs (If Applicable)

  2. Choose the payment option you wish to purchase. [1]

  3. Decide which product you want to purchase. [2]

  4. Click “Next”. [3]

Note: If you chose Live Tutor as an option, you will only be presented with Development Tutor as a subscription option, and an extra step will allow you to purchase Live Tutor Sessions.

Step 3:

  1. Review your order.

  2. If you have a voucher or referral code, enter it [2a] and click “Apply” [2b].

  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions. [3]

  4. Select your preferred payment method. [4]

  5. Follow the prompts to complete your payment. You will receive a payment receipt via email.

Step 4:

  1. Watch the Video for a quick overview on how to get started.

  2. Click "Done".

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