Step 1 (Log In):

  1. Click on “Learners” in the title bar or on the home page.

  2. To open the Live Tutor classroom portal for the selected learner, click on the "Classroom Portal" button under the "Live Tutor" column.

Step 2 (Portal Overview):

The image below shows the layout of the portal once logged in. Each number is explained below the image.

  1. Student profile information.

  2. List of teachers assigned to the student.

  3. Number of credits used / total credits purchased. In this example, the student can still book 18 classes before purchasing more credits.

  4. A list of the student's upcoming classes.

  5. The current time zone chosen for the student's account. *The timezone can be changed by clicking here.

  6. Click to view all past classes.

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